When the computer is authorized to make the repair or service, our customers will be asked to agree to this as follows:

Manufacturing Warranty:

We can install and replace parts supplied by the manufacturer. We can also provide assistance to parties when it is under warranty. Some repairs on some computers brand may void your manufacturer's warranty. It is the customer’s responsibility to check with the terms of the original manufacturing warranty for details.

Data Loss:

Although we have a lot of effort to save their data, unless customers request specific data backup service, each customer is responsible for backing up any and all data stored on their computers before being served. AA Tech Pc Repair is not responsible for loss of data, previously saved ... not sure, or ask to have them in their service.

Parts / Labor Warranty:

All repair services * (do not include the work of software) come with a guarantee of 30 days. We guarantee against defects in parts (hardware), replaced by us and our workforce (manpower) for a period of 30 days from the time of repair. This limited warranty applies only to repairs made by us and does not guarantee that other problems may arise, or are found during or after the repair. No guarantee of cover at any time. Repair of the motherboard are not covered under this warranty if the customer opens or damages the same.

Some parts that are replaced by us are guaranteed to be in good working condition. We will provide any assistance we can in relation to the guarantees of manufactures.

Policy of neglect:

Due to space limitations and liability issues of ownership, we can not always keep the device. Accordingly, all customers agree to make a diligent effort to keep in touch with the team and decide how you want to resolve your request in a timely manner. If AA Tech PC Repair contact, not hearing from you (via e-mail, phone or fax) for a period of more than 30 days we will assume that your order has left us and we will take the following measures: This will be contacting you via e-mail and telephone (if we have both) at least 3 times and wait until it has been 60 days since our last contact with our customers. If then we are still unable to resolve the desired action, at this point we will take your order and its contents are permanently abandoned and irreversibly remove content from your order. The computer or PC will be sold to recover the value of work as a whole ...

Your personal information will not be sold outside our company, it will not be permitted even if the equipment is not picked up by you.

We take care to collect limited information at the time of filing a service request. This information includes your name, email address, shipping and billing address and telephone number. Your personal information is only used by AA Tech PC Repair to comply with your request for services, or to contact you regarding your repair and return of the PC.

Policy Information:

We are not responsible for any typographical error. We reserve the right to modify, change and / or update any information contained on this website (www.aatechpcrepair.com) at any time without notice.

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